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Big Money is all about providing good tips and ideas on how to improve your cash position. At Big Money we try and help to do this via a number of ways including: looking for unclaimed and lost money; highlighting deals for saving money; and identifying any grants and benefits that might be applicable for people to gain money. These are just a few of the ways we try and help to get the awesome fun feeling of "Big Money" for everyone.

Already we've helped identify a sizeable amount of lost and unclaimed money for Australian individuals and organisations. We have also helped some people with reminders on Grants provided by Governments. And we continue to highlight free competitions that can return cash!  Hopefully we can help you too get that feeling of "Big Money"!

We've Identified over $200,000 of Unclaimed Money already. That amount is increasing daily!

Unclaimed and Lost Money

It's always Big Days when you find money that you have lost or is owed to you. Just stop for a moment. Go to your couch (physically or in imagination) and pull away the cushions and think "what you could do if you found an extra $10, or maybe $50, or possibly $150?" Then think, "what if you found $1500 down the back of the couch?" It might make a difference to your day, week or year!

The Australian Federal & State Government departments may be holding some old money of yours. There are many reasons.  And it seems most of us don't think to look.  It might be an old refund from a utility account. It might be a cash prize you forgot to collect. It could be an old bank account you forgot about.  The list of lost money goes on accumulating over $2 Billion around Australia.

And just like looking behind the cushions on your couch, you too can search for unclaimed money that may belong to you or your family or organisation.

Tell us about your lost money

We try to help improve your money pie!

Over $2 Billion Lost Money is held in Trust in Australian Unclaimed Money Registries

Free Money, Grants and Cash Help

Sometimes the Australian Federal, State and Territory Governments will put out grants or rebates that can be helpful for families, individuals and also for companies and organisations. When we find good news, we'll try and post details here so that you too can get that Big Days feeling!

Money IdeasSunday Footy Show Browny's Quiz Fun Free Entry with $500 prize each week

Nine's Wide World of Sports is a fabulous light hearted look at AFL Football each week of the season. Browny's Quiz is an integral fun part of the lineup.  $500 is won each week of the season by chance and skill from the star studded panel who each represent a home viewer who can enter free online.    Check it out.

Money IdeasVictorian Racing Free Pick 7 Entries with up to $50k prize pools

Victorian Racing provides FREE entry to an online competition to Pick 7 winners. And with prize pools of $20k on lesser day race meetings and $50k on Saturday race meetings it could be Big Days all around if you are a good tipster.    Check it out.

Money IdeasVictorian Government $250 Power Saving Bonus available until 31 Jan 2022

The Victorian Government will provide a $250 cheque or deposit directly to Victorians by just doing a simple and worthwhile independent Energy Comparison.    It's for pensioners and those on concession cards. It's a service to help get you a better deal.  All you have to do is use the independent Energy Comparison.   Check it out.

Money Testimonials

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Thanks for helping find my lost $ money. How have they not sent it to me as it's my address. Also I just found $100 for my Sister In-Law

Sean F Blackburn

You're a Star. That amount of $ money really helps.

Martin D Melbourne

Yes thanks team we got the $50 Victorian Government cheque in the mail after doing the Energy Comparison.

DB Melbourne

What? I knew that company had my money. Thanks Big Days for the $ thousands money!

John G Canberra